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24 - 28 Sept 2018 Mons, Belgium Only 368 days left!

Eurathlon 2015


EURATHLON is a new robot competition supported by the European Commission in the FP7.

The vision of EURATHLON is to provide real-world robotics challenges that will test the intelligence and autonomy of outdoor/off-road robots in demanding mock disaster-response scenarios.

Inspired by the Fukushima disaster we envision a competition that requires autonomous flying, land and underwater robots acting together to survey the disaster, collect environmental data, and identify critical hazards.

In 2013 the competition had its focus on land based vehicles. While in 2014 the competition addressed sea based vehicles, in 2015 it will be held as a joined land, sea and air event.

  • EURATHLON 2015
  • Piombino, Italy
  • 17 - 25 September 2015

Since in 2015 European Robotics is not part of the EURATHLON organising consortium, for all further information please refer to the official EURATHLON web page: