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ELROB 2006 - European Land-Robot Trial

Official Results

General comments

The objective of the ELROB 2006 event was to demonstrate the capabilities of currently available European mobile unmanned ground systems and not to conduct a competition like the DARPA Grand Challenge.

To enable the attendance of a broad spectrum of unmanned systems the participation terms were only limited to the following rules:

  • the vehicle must be unmanned
  • the vehicle must move by ground contact
  • the vehicle must weigh less then three metric tonnes

Following the concerns of the industry participants, no contest was conducted, and no official evaluation or ranking will be published. Thereby the overall goal of ELROB was to present a comprehensive overview about current developments and possibilities for the use of robotic capabilities in the context of military operations.

Nevertheless the following issues with room for improvement have been identified:

  • Ergonomics of the human-machine interface
  • Communication in urban and non-urban domain under difficult conditions
  • Mobility in non-urban terrain
  • Agility in narrow urban structures
  • Navigation and manoeuvring under difficult conditions
  • Demonstration of stair-climbing capability
  • Use of elevatable manipulators
  • Movement and interaction inside buildings
  • Recognition and circumnavigation of obstacles
  • Moving on pathless terrain
  • Manoeuvring at high inclination angles
  • Communication and navigation without sight


Charts with partial results:

Urban Trial
Non Urban Trial