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New: 17 - 21 May 2021(!) Trier, Germany IMPORTANT: On the orders of the Ministry of Defence, we finally have to cancel ELROB 2020!

ELROB 2007 - European Land-Robot Trial

Robotics in security domains, fire brigades, civil protection and disaster control - facing the user

The "European Land-Robot Trial (ELROB)" is organised in order to provide an overview of the European state-of-the-art in the field of UGVs/UAVs with focus on short-term realizable robot systems. ELROB is explicitly designed to assess current technology to solve problems at hand, using whatever strategy to achieve it. ELROB is presenting cutting edge robotics technology, applied to real world applications, that can save lives now and shape the direction of research for the short and medium term. With regard to available capabilities, the organisers seek to promote innovative technical approaches that will enable the operation of unmanned vehicles.

Regarding these points C-ELROB 2007 was a great success! 13 teams from five countries showed an impressive enthusiasm to cope with the tough trials.

The scenarios were:

  • Non-urban: an NBC incident, search area for hazardous materials (8 participants)
  • Urban: an incident with IEDs on a crowded marketplace, improve situation awareness (10 participants)
  • Combined operation of UGV and UAV: fire and NBC incidents, search area for suspicious places (2 participants)
  • Autonomous reconnaissance on urban and/or non-urban route: security patrol, do reconnaissance (7 participants)

Most of the teams did take the challenge sportive. The EuropeanRobotics group is more than happy to see that C-ELROB is attracting especially young researchers and stimulating the communication between the groups.

Again thank you very much for your participation!