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New: 17 - 21 May 2021(!) Trier, Germany IMPORTANT: On the orders of the Ministry of Defence, we finally have to cancel ELROB 2020!

ELROB 2007 - European Land-Robot Trial

Official Results

Non-urban scenario: Surveillance and reconnaissance in non-urban terrain

  1. Telerob
  2. University of Siegen
  3. University of Würzburg and University of Kaiserslautern

Urban scenario: Situation awareness in urban environment

  1. University of Würzburg
  2. Telerob
  3. University of Hannover

Combined UGV/UAV scenario for urban and non-urban terrain

  1. Jacobs University Bremen
  2. University of Oulu

Autonomous reconnaissance scenario for urban and non-urban terrain

  1. University of Siegen
  2. University of Hannover and BASE 10

The ELROB 2007 trials have been evaluated based on this scoring scheme. Detailed result tables for all scenarios are available here. For further information have a look at the official rules.