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ELROB 2008

European Land-Robot Trial

The German Federal Armed Forces would like to thank all of you for making the 3rd European Land-Robot Trial (ELROB 2008) another great success. The over 20 participants from 10 European countries gave an impressive performance for the spectators coming from 20 countries all over the world. The ELROB was conducted in order to provide trials as close as possible to operational scenarios for UGVs/UAVs with focus on short-term realizable robot systems. With regard to available capabilities, the organisers sought to promote innovative technical approaches that will enable the operation of unmanned vehicles. Representatives of military, border patrol, special forces, police, fire brigades, and civil protection agencies from the major European countries attended. The ELROB was accompanied with a comprehensive static display covering a wide variety of robotics aspects.

ELROB 2008 in short:

  • UGV/UAV trials as close as possible to operational scenarios with focus on short-term realisable robot systems
  • 2008 host: The German Federal Armed Forces
  • ~20 participants from 10 European countries
  • Spectators from 20 countries worldwide
  • ELROB was accompanied with a comprehensive static display (~50 exhibitors)
  • User defined realistic trials for RSTA, Convoy, Mule, EOD, and Camp Security scenarios

The focus of ELROB 2008:

Servicemen and –women of the Bundeswehr are targets of ambushes and attacks while on mission abroad. Opposing Forces are not seeking a decisive military victory on the battlefield but trying to erode the political firmness of the parliament and demoralize the German population’s will to support Germany’s commitment for global security. The protection of German soldiers against death and injury enables the completion of military orders and ensures political freedom of action. By definition, unmanned robot systems provide maximum protection for soldiers, because they are no longer exposed to the threat.

ELROB 2008 focuses on the question, if robot systems can support soldiers effectively in the near future. The purpose of the trial is to identify such robotic systems, which are able to master daily military tasks. Four scenarios are the test bed for this. The Organizers` aim is to gain insights for future armament projects and Research and Technology activities.

Developers of robotic systems are asked to illustrate the performance of their systems at ELROB 2008. A comprehensive fair provides more insights in other aspects of robot systems.

For additional information about the event, the participating teams and the exhibitors at the static display you may have a look at the official ELROB 2008 Catalogue.