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24 - 28 June 2024 Trier, Germany Only 266 days left!

ELROB 2014 - European Land-Robot Trial

Official Results

Transport/Mule – repeated shuttling between two camps

  1. Robotics Inventions
  2. Team MULE
  3. Team Marek

Search and retrieval of casualties in outdoor environments (MedEvac)

  1. Fraunhofer FKIE
  2. ELP
  3. Cobham

Reconnaissance and surveillance in non-urban environments (RSTA)

  1. Cobham
  2. ELP
  3. Team MULE

Reconnoitring of urban building structures (MAUT)

  1. Cobham
  2. ELP
  3. PIAP

The ELROB 2014 trials have been evaluated based on a publicly available scoring scheme which can be downloaded here. Detailed result tables for all scenarios are available here. For further information have a look at the official rules.

Additional rewards in the following categories

  • Best Novel Scientific Solution: Fraunhofer FKIE
  • Best Creative Solution: University of Oulu
  • Best Team Effort: Avrora