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New: 17 - 21 May 2021(!) Trier, Germany IMPORTANT: On the orders of the Ministry of Defence, we finally have to cancel ELROB 2020!

ELROB 2014 - European Land-Robot Trial


Scenarios will be:

  • Reconnaissance and surveillance in non-urban environment (day/night, off-road)
    Scenario description
  • Mule (shuttle between two camps, non-urban)
    Scenario description
  • Search and rescue (find and drag a dummy body, outdoor)
    Scenario description
  • Reconnoitring of structures
    (2D/3D model of three buildings and surrounding environment, semi urban)
    Scenario description
  • Reconnaissance and disposal of bombs and explosive devices
    (EOR, EOD, IEDD, CIED etc., indoor, outdoor)
    IMPORTANT: All participants in this scenario must provide a valid security clearance with categorisation confidental or NATO secret.
    Scenario description