ELROB 2016

European Land Robot Trial

  • 9th European Land Robot Trials
  • 6th Military ELROB
  • 20 - 24 June 2016, Eggendorf, Austria

The military ELROB, which takes place for the sixth time now, enables you to get a glance at the latest R&D in the area of unmanned outdoor/off-road ground systems. The scenarios have been developed in closest co-operation with the military users and reflect the up-to-date requirements of the forces. This event offers the fantastic opportunity to mingle with the international experts from the user community, the industry and the R&D sector.

ELROB is a strictly non-profit activity! The event is organized and carried out only by non-profit organisations. All participation fees are completely redistributed among the participants to cover travel expenses.

The event will be accompanied by a comprehensive exhibition.

IMPORTANT: Visitors must register in advance! For details see the How-to.

NEWS: The official ELROB catalogue is available for download now. It provides lots of background information regarding the event, its organisers and the participating teams.

Have a look at the new ELROB 2016 promo video: https://youtu.be/h4rhdZ_MXf8

A couple of notable robotics manufacturers will offer special hardware discounts for ELROB participants:

  • Clearpath Robotics is very excited to support the ELROB with an exclusive discount on the rugged Husky UGV and Grizzly RUV for competition participants. For additional details, please contact Clearpath directly at info@clearpathrobotics.com.
  • Cobham is proud to support the ELROB 2016 with an exclusive discount on the new telemax R&D. Also available will be the sophisticated autonomy module which will give you unprecedented assistance in handling your EOD robot. For additional details, please contact Cobham/Telerob directly at Andreas.Ciossek@cobham.com.
  • ELP is proud to support the R&D robotics community. We offer custom configurations for all ELROB 2016 visitors and participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. For additional details, please contact ELP directly at elp@elp-gmbh.de.
  • MacroUSA is happy to offer a 25% discount over their MSRP on the robot line to all ELROB participants. For additional details, please contact MacroUSA directly at robin@macrousa.com.
  • Med-Eng is very pleased to support the ELROB community by offering Remotely Operated Vehicles that can be configured to meet specific operational requirements. We invite ELROB delegates to learn more about our ROV Integrated Sensor Suite (ROVISS) capabilities for the deployment of most sensors used in EOD and Counter-IED missions. For additional details, please contact Med-Eng directly at med-engsales@safariland.com.
  • Proytecsa is very happy to offer a discount to support the ELROB community. Please visit www.proytecsa.net to discover our unique features for C-IED missions and contact us to get a detailed proposal at info@proytecsa.net.
  • Robotnik is supporting the ELROB offering to the participating teams some discounts in acquiring platforms like mobile robots and mobile manipulators. For additional details please visit