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ELROB 2024

24 - 28 June 2024 Trier, Germany Only 451 days left!

ELROB 2022 - European Land Robot Trial


The event is kindly organized by:

ARWT Logo Bundesheer Logo

The Austrian Armaments and Defence Technology Agency (ADTA)
Local organizer and host of the event
ADTA is the Austrian Armed Forces' technological centre of competence to support the whole life-cycle of weaponry, munitions, combat and other vehicles incl. robotics, military explosives, engineering, personal, NBC-defense, training and simulation equipment, optronical, electronical and medical materiel and provides for technical product documentation. ADTA is the MoD's primary consultant for understanding the effects of modern technologies and defining their usability for future armed forces capabilities. ADTA's scientific activities reach from laboratory efforts to providing technology services in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics as well as civil, mechanical, materials and electrical engineering, safety and energy technology and some more. ADTA applies multi-disciplinary approaches to both advance knowledge through applied research and develop innovative technological solutions.

Fraunhofer FKIE Logo

Fraunhofer Institute for Communication,
Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE

The Cognitive Mobile Systems Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE is actively researching in the area of unmanned systems for more than 20 years. Our main expertise is the development and evaluation of complex human-robot systems. The main focus is on RSTA and CBRNE-reconnaissance missions using heterogeneous multi-robot systems. Working with such multi-robot systems is a competitive task for the operator. Even a single robot utilizes several different sensors and provides a high degree of mobility, which all need to be controlled by the operator.
CMS approaches this challenge through intelligent assistance functions. The operator is supported by these assistance functionalities on all levels, ranging from navigating a single robot to complex planning problems of multi-robot systems. Our key skill is the development of innovative tools for human-robot interaction and cooperation. For this purpose new developments are constantly integrated in experimental systems and evaluated in co-operation with security authorities and organizations as well as the military.

European Robotics Logo

European Robotics
European Robotics is a non-profit organization, which aims to bridge the gap between users' requests, industry activities and current research in the field of Hazardous Materials Incident Response Operations (HAZOPER) - all with a special focus on ground robotics. Any interested party is invited to take part and contribute. All activities of European Robotics are carried out on a purely honorary and complimentary basis.
To promote new and future-oriented innovations, European Robotics has been the scientific co-organiser of the European Land-Robot Trials (ELROB) since the foundation if this robotic competition in the year 2006. On the one hand, members of European Robotics always play an active part in the scenario and task design. On the other hand, European Robotics awards special Innovation Prizes for the ELROB participants. The purpose of these prizes is to support new ways of solving the challenges at hand and to reward impressive and novel scientific solutions as well as their practical implementations and integrations in robust and functioning robot systems usable for the HAZOPER domain.
European Robotics is a co-operation between representatives of potential end-users, industry and smaller manufacturers, and the research community.