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ELROB 2024

24 - 28 June 2024 Trier, Germany Only 451 days left!

ELROB 2022 - European Land Robot Trial


Regarding the scenarios we can give you a first glimpse:

  • Transport - Convoying
    (transport with two vehicles)
    Scenario description
  • Reconnoitring of structures (NEW: UGV and/or UAV)
    (focus on radiological and nuclear measuring and mapping AND detection of simulated chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals)
    Scenario description
    Instructions how to build your own radiation detector for the scenario can be found using "PIN Diode Geiger Counter" as input for your favourite search engine, see example.
  • Transport - Mule
    (shuttle between two locations)
    Scenario description
  • Search & Rescue (SAR) / CasEvac
    (find and drag a dummy body)
    Scenario description
  • Reconnaissance and disposal of bombs and explosive devices (EOD/IED)
    Scenario description