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24 - 28 June 2024 Trier, Germany Only 116 days left!

Eurathlon 2013

Official Results

Mobile manipulation for handling hazardous material

  1. Telerob
  2. ELP

Reconnaissance and surveillance in urban structures (USAR)

  1. ELP
  2. Telerob

Search and rescue in a smoke-filled underground structure

  1. Telerob
  2. ELP
  3. ENSTA Bretagne

Autonomous navigation using GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO

  1. MuCAR
  2. RIS
  3. NAMT

Detailed result lists for all scenarios as well as the underlying scoring tables can be downloaded here. For further information have a look at the official rules.

Additional rewards in the following categories

  • Best Novel Scientific Solution: RIS
  • Best Creative Solution: NAMT
  • Best Team Effort: E15

Note, as one underlying factor for the distribution of these prizes the teams themselves had been asked for their recommendations; the results of this voting procedure can be found here.