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ELROB 2024

24 - 28 June 2024 Trier, Germany Only 202 days left!

Eurathlon 2013

Participating Teams

Team USAR Mobile Manipulation Smoky Underground Autonomous Navigation Bomb Disposal
Allen Vanguard x x x   x
ARTOR       x  
E15   x x x  
ELP x x x   x
ENSTA Bretagne     x    
Fraunhofer FKIE x x   x  
IMM-IAIR x   x    
LAAS-RIS x   x x  
NAMT       x  
Robotics Inventions x x x x  
SCentRo     x    
SPACEAPPS x x x   x
telerob x x x   x
MuCAR       x  

Click the team names to get detailed team information (as PDF); click on the scenario marks to receive the reviewed Scenario Application Papers (as PDF).

For additional information about the event, the participating teams and the exhibitors at the static display you may have a look at the official Eurathlon 2013 Catalogue.